The X-Files

This is where crazy stuff that happens gets recorded for posterity.


We found this crazy huge beetle in our driveway. According to my trusty Audubon Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders it's a Giant Root Borer. I swear to you it was over 3 inches long... and the book says they can fly.



I was about to jump in bed when I saw this thing run across the floor. It was the largest spider I have seen in a house. It was fast! It ran like crazy, but I was able to capture it under a pint glass. It kept doing these creepy jumps like it was trying to attack us through the glass (OK, maybe he was just trying to escape). I didn't just put it out in the yard, I took it all the way across the street to release it. We think it was some version of a Wolf Spider, but it was on the large side (bigger than an inch) and my book doesn't put any of them in California...